COVID-19 self-help information hub (live)

A collection of information about covid-19 for self-help.

A bit context: Hi, I’m not a doctor nor have any scientific background. As I collect information around the world about COVID-19, I thought I share this with an intention to help anyone to be gain information on how to take care yourself, and observe what’s going on with COVID-19.

Where to see the statistic?

There is a lot of site to see the live statistic. You can go to arcgis website to see overall statistic in the world, this site pull the data from WHO (World Health Organization)


The source of fear is the unknown. So, here are a few collection of videos that help me understand what actually going on. More will be added.

How does COVID-19 mutate?

In this video, Dr. John Campbell explained how COVID-19 virus spread.

Common questions answered

In this video, Dr. John Campbell answered a few questions you might have, such as, “Should I be careful when pressing public buttons or use public toilets?”

Myth busters by WHO

Check some of the list of myth busters to help you and people around you not to be confused by un-scientific information.

Self-care and self-check

Washing hands

Many resources says that washing hands is the really effective and crucial.

Record your own health-log

If you want to make your health-log and see your condition over time. This is a good resource, probably will help some of you who feel paranoid.

Will we be immune once recovered from COVID-19?

It’s still a question whether if a person who recovered from COVID-19 will be immuned or not.

  • Officials in Osaka say a tour bus guide tested positive for COVID-19 for a second time.
  • There have been a number of cases of reinfection in China.
  • Japan’s prime minister has asked schools to close in an effort to curb the outbreak.

Work from home and self-quarantine

Being in the room with a lot of people can increases the probability of spreading the virus. So, here are a few good resources to keep your team up and running while work from home.

More to come: Participate and suggest any good resources

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Workshops can be more efficient than meetings

Feb 13, 2020